First Care provides free limited ultrasounds to help you confirm a viable pregnancy and estimate how far along you are based on fetal measurements.

How to prepare for your ultrasound appointment

  • In order to perform an ultrasound, we need to have a positive pregnancy test on file. Our pregnancy tests are free and can be run at the beginning of your ultrasound appointment if needed.
  • Consider inviting someone who can support you during the appointment
  • Drink 32oz of water 1 hour before your appointment
  • Bring a photo ID to your appointment
  • Think through any questions you may have relating to the ultrasound itself or your pregnancy and write them down so that you can ask the nurse during your visit.
  • Be prepared for both kinds of ultrasound probes that will be available during your appointment, the abdominal probe that goes on top of your abdomen, and the transvaginal probe, which is inserted into the vagina. All ultrasounds begin with the abdominal probe, but the transvaginal probe can be used to provide clearer images of baby in the early months.

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