The possibility of an unplanned pregnancy during high school or college can bring up many emotions and unexpected questions.  If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, the most important thing you can do is determine if you are really pregnant Schedule an appointment today for a lab quality pregnancy test.

Pregnant and In School?


As a student you have goals and dreams, which don't likely include pregnancy.  Rethinking your plans for the future is difficult when something unexpected comes into the picture.  Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you have to drop out of school or that you can't achieve your goal, but it may look different than you had planned.  If you're concerned about how pregnancy might impact your education or career goals, visit our center to talk through your personal situation and learn more about your options.  

Talking with others who have been in your shoes can also be helpful.  At First Care, we can introduce you to others who have made one of three choices for their pregnancies (parenting, adoption, and abortion).  

Feel Like Abortion is Your Only Option?

When in crisis you may feel like there is only one solution to your unplanned pregnancy. If you're thinking about visiting a Minnesota abortion clinic, first be fully informed about the abortion procedures and risks involved. And give yourself the opportunity to talk about your situation and consider all of your options. Any decision you make regarding your pregnancy will be life changing and should be made with as much support and information as possible. Be informed, learn about your options, and take time to think about how each option may impact your life not just today, but in your future.  

If you choose to parent, take heart in knowing there are lots of great resources to support you and help you get through school.  Our licensed social workers will be your advocate and help connect you with the resources you need to parent and finish school.  

If you choose adoption, or are thinking about adoption, First Care is a licensed adoption agency and will walk with you through every step of the process from making the initial decision to placing your child for adoption to choosing an adoptive family, selecting the level of openness you desire, preparing necessary paperwork, and supporting you throughout the adoption process and after.

If you choose abortion, our staff will provide you with information about the type of abortion procedure you are considering.  While we do not provide or refer for abortions, we are committed to providing you with accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.  Make an appointment to meet with one of our staff about your personal situation, discuss abortion methods available to you, and get answers to the questions you may have had about abortion.  Read stories of women who have chosen abortion.

Abortion impacts each woman differently.  If you think your previous abortion(s) may still be affecting you, contact us.  Our Conquerors program provides a safe place to work through your past abortion.

Feeling Pressure?

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, your partner, friends and family may give their opinions about what you should do.  But it's YOUR decision, and no one can decide for you.  It is important to get the facts about all of your options so you are able to make a fully informed decision about your pregnancy.  The social workers at First Care are here for you to discuss your pregnancy and situation within a confidential and safe environment.  If you're feeling pressured by someone to have an abortion make an appointment to speak with one of our staff.  No one can force you to have an abortion, even if you are a minor.  We can help.

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