It is great that you are helping your friend.  Many people feel isolated and overwhelmed during this time, so the support of family and friends is crucial to your friend's ability to make a decision she feels confident in.  While you may not feel like you have all the answers or information to provide to your friend, being there for her is a great first step.

If you're helping a friend who thinks she's pregnant, you've come to the right place.  Here are some ideas to help you in knowing how to best support your friend during this time.

1.  Make sure she knows she's not alone and you are there to support her.  

2.  Don't pressure her.  Listen to her concerns and fears and recognize that this is a stressful time.

3.  Connect her to one of our locations where she can have her pregnancy confirmed with a lab quality test and find out how far along she is with an ultrasound. Come along to her appointment with her to provide support.  Read about all of our services here.

4.  Encourage her to take her time in making a decision and talk to others who have made each choice--abortion, adoption, and parenting.

5.  Continue to be her friend regardless of whether you agree with the decision she makes for her pregnancy.

When helping your friend, it is also important to remember that this is her pregnancy and she will be most impacted by the choices she makes.  While you can share your opinions with her, it is important to be ready to listen, ask questions that will help her process, and to reinforce that you are there to support her.

Schedule an appointment at one of our centers today (with your friend's permission of course).

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